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January 17, 202012:00 AM
Reasons Not To Attempt DIY Roof Repair Roofing is not for everyone. The task can be both time-consuming and laborious. Not to mention, when repairs are completed in the summertime, the entire ordeal can be quite hot for a Lafayette homeowner. Meanwhile, the winter isn't much better, ...
December 30, 201912:00 AM
How To Tell If Your Home Needs A New Roof How To Tell If Your Lafayette Home Needs A New Roof
If you are a Lafayette homeowner with an older or aging home, you may be thinking that it may be time to replace your roof. There are some ...
December 18, 201912:00 AM
3 Exceptional Reasons To Invest In A New Roof A lot of people wait until the very last minute before replacing their roofs, including residents right here in Lafayette, and who can blame them really? For one, the cost is what turns most folks off. According to, the ...
December 13, 201912:00 AM
3 Signs To Tell Your House May Need A Roof Repair We often take for granted how important it is to keep your roof maintained, which isn’t surprising, since we don’t see the roof up close and personal as often as we see, say, a wall, or the showerhead, or your ...
November 28, 201912:00 AM
Is It Time To Repair Your Roof? Is It Time To Repair Your Roof?
Having problems with one’s home can lead to more severe ones that might require more costly and complicated home repairs. Thus, one should immediately take care of damages after finding them. Regularly...
November 22, 201912:00 AM
4 Signs Its Time For A New Roof 4 Signs It’s Time For A New Roof

A roof can only protect your home for so many years. Asphalt shingles in particular have a lifespan of between 15 to 30 years depending on which type you get, and while ...
November 15, 201912:00 AM
Do I Need To Replace My Roof? Do I Need To Replace My Roof?
You don’t need to experience a dramatic roof failure to know you need a new roof. As a matter of fact, staying on top of your ((, ((blog.state)) roof’s state of health ...
October 28, 201912:00 AM
Is Your Roof Ready For Fall The fall season is upon us in Lafayette, IN, which means it’s time to get your home ready for the changing of the seasons. One aspect of your home that is particularly at risk during fall is your roof, and ...
October 24, 201912:00 AM
4 Roof Installation Problems You Can Spot Yourself When it comes to something as important as your roof, it’s a good idea to bring in specialized inspectors who know what problems to look for and what to do about them.  However, there are also several roof problems that ...
October 17, 201912:00 AM
Why Choose Fall For Roof Repair Repairing and re-shingling a roof is not an easy job.  Standing on a roof all day can be hot work and hard on the back, plus you have to get everything done as fast as possible so you don’t have ...

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Since 1996, Wilkinson Roofing has been providing the highest quality roofing jobs to the entire Lafayette, IN region. Whether your home has been damaged after a storm, or age has begun to take its toll on your roof, our professional contractors are here to help. Throughout our years of service to the Lafayette, IN community we’ve built a trustworthy and reliable reputation we’re proud of.

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    "Ray DeCarlo"

    Wilkenson Roofing, represented by salesperson Mark Savage, helped me understand the issues with my rapidly deteriorating brittle roof shingles. As a fix, he recommended class four (hail resistant) Dow-Corning shingles, a solar fan, sorely needed attic insulation, and snap-on diamond back gutter covers, all at a fair price. One day installation with a crew of tireless workers including the supervisor Adam and crew chief Oscar have left me with a well engineered new roof including extensive use of ice and water shield around edges, valleys, chimneys, and vents. Excellent workmanship.

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    "Matt Delp"

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